Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

Do You Live With Chronic Pain From A Repetitive Trauma Injury?

Injuries caused by accidents on the job can cause serious pain and require significant medical attention. But what about gradual onset injuries? Many workers suffer serious physical injuries or illnesses because of repetitive motions or exposure to harmful substances at work. These, too, can be covered by workers’ compensation, but too many injured workers fail to bring their injuries to light.

If your daily work activities contribute to significant and chronic pain, you may be entitled to seek workers’ compensation. Get the information you need to recover a full and fair compensation package.

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Providing Evidence That Your Injury Was Caused By Work

Proving that your repetitious employment activities are a substantial contributing cause of your injury or pain can be difficult without experienced help. You will need substantial medical evidence as well as a thorough record of your activities at work. While it may seem overwhelming, you may have options for obtaining help for chronic or repetitive trauma injuries.

Attorney David H. Bailly has handled more than 3,500 workers’ comp claims for clients across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. He takes special interest in helping those with day-to-day repetitive trauma injuries explore their options for obtaining workers’ compensation.

Protecting Your Rights To Compensation For Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Insurance companies often cite pre-existing conditions as a reason to deny workers’ compensation or to discontinue benefits after some time, even if symptoms persist. If your problems persist, however, you may be able to appeal the denied claim. Mr. Bailly can review your medical history, test results and other evidence to help you identify:

  • What specific work activities seem to cause pain or aggravate your symptoms the most
  • The frequency and duration of these activities
  • Whether your current work-related activities have aggravated a pre-existing condition or a condition you didn’t know you had

Even if you have a pre-existing condition, you may be entitled to benefits if your job duties permanently aggravate or accelerate your condition or you have developed a completely new condition despite any pre-existing conditions.

Based on his extensive experience with workers’ compensation, Mr. Bailly understands the medical aspects of such claims and knows many prominent physicians and surgeons who specialize in repetitive injuries such as low back and spinal injuries, hand and wrist injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome), shoulder injuries, knee injuries and others. He will do the research needed to help you build a strong claim.

Alleviate The Financial Stress Of Your Injury

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