Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

Do I Have Other Claims Besides Workers’ Compensation?

If you have been hurt at work, you may think that filing workers’ compensation is your only option for obtaining financial assistance. However, you likely have a few more claims available to you.

David H. Bailly walks clients through all their options for financial recovery following a work-related accident. He combines an in-depth knowledge of what benefits workers’ comp covers with extensive experience handling such claims to help his clients recover maximum compensation. From his office in Eden Prairie, he represents clients in Hennepin County and throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

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Short- And Long-Term Disability Claims

Most employers have short- and long-term disability benefits for employees who need to take time off for medical issues. The benefits you receive through workers’ compensation may not be enough to sustain you during recovery — disability claims can supplement these benefits to make up the difference.

Car Accident Claims

If you were involved in a car accident on the job, you could file a civil claim against the negligent driver to obtain additional coverage for your medical bills and lost wages. Moreover, through such a private or third-party claim, you may be able to obtain compensation for pain and suffering. You can even file this type of claim if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident on your way to one of your workers’ comp appointments.

Employment-Related Claims

If you have suffered employment discrimination, wage and hour losses or other employment issues following your work accident or injury, you may be able to file an employment claim. While David H. Bailly does not assist clients with employment claims, he can advise you on your options for pursuing this type of claim or refer you to a lawyer who can represent you.

Unemployment Claims

Many people want to know if filing for workers’ compensation prevents them from obtaining unemployment benefits. While difficult, it may be possible to obtain unemployment benefits if your condition prevents you from returning to work in your field or if your employer cannot meet your work restrictions, and thus you cannot work at all while recovering or return to work at reduced wages. Mr. Bailly can review your situation and advise you accordingly on this option.

Other Health Care Claims

Never forget that your own health insurance may be able to cover medical expenses that your employer’s insurance company denies or won’t pay for. If you have unpaid medical bills, even with workers’ compensation, Mr. Bailly can review your health insurance policy and provide honest counsel on what options you have.

Learn More About Your Options For Compensation

Filing for workers’ compensation benefits may not be your only option for seeking compensation. Schedule a free consultation today to get your case evaluated by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

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