Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After A Work Accident?

One of the most important questions you may have about workers’ compensation is, “Who will pay my medical bills?” As an experienced Minnesota workers’ comp attorney, David H. Bailly can help you answer this question and identify all forms of coverage available given your unique circumstances. He seeks to help you obtain the assistance you need to achieve maximum recovery.

Based in Eden Prairie, Mr. Bailly routinely helps clients throughout Minneapolis, the Twin Cities metro area and western Wisconsin.

If you were hurt at work or as a result of your job duties, you may have several options for recovering compensation for medical bills. Contact David H. Bailly, Ltd., at 952-232-1053 to schedule a free case assessment.

Finding Help After A Serious Work Accident

If you qualify for workers’ compensation, your employer’s insurance company is responsible for paying all medical expenses related to your injury. This coverage may include payment for:

  • Doctor visits and checkups
  • Tests and diagnostic procedures
  • Surgery, if required
  • Medications related to your injury
  • Rehabilitative services and therapy
  • Gas or other transportation costs needed to get you to your medical appointments

While you can usually choose your own health care provider, your insurance company may ask for an independent medical exam at some point during your recovery. This exam, though covered by insurance, is often used to deny or discontinue medical benefits. Having a lawyer on your side is crucial to protecting your rights to continued coverage if you still need it.

What Other Types Of Compensation Are Available?

Aside from workers’ compensation, you could be eligible for other benefits to help with your medical bills following a work-related accident. For example, if you were driving a company car or doing work-related activities and were involved in a car accident, you could pursue an accident claim against the negligent driver. Your own private health insurance can also cover any medical procedures not covered by workers’ compensation. One of Mr. Bailly’s jobs as your lawyer is to help you identify all claims you may have, including other third-party claims, to help you following a work-related accident.

Get The Compensation You Deserve

If you or a loved one suffered an on-the-job injury, it is critical to get the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can assist you in seeking fair compensation.

To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact Mr. Bailly online or by calling his Hennepin County office at 952-232-1053.