Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

Client Reviews

“David handled my case, my needs, my concerns and my anxiety with such care and
professional responsibility, I would tell anyone who is thinking they may need an attorney
to call him. He did an amazing job!!”

— J. Schubert

“My wife broke her femur in 2008 at work while she was working, and Hennepin County said it was not work-related, but it was an idiopathic incident. At the time, we hired an attorney who seemed to care at first. I kept questioning what he was doing, but he rarely answered my phone calls. He received an offer, but it was not even close to my wife’s salary at the time. It was at this point we realized we needed a new attorney.

My wife’s union was hoping she would be able to go back to work although the county did not want her to go back. I asked the union if they knew of a good attorney, and they referred me to David Bailly. I called and set up an appointment and David asked to have all the paperwork sent to him.

After reviewing the case, David said it would be best to start over due to the errors that had occurred. Mr. Bailly kept us informed of the progress of the case. He had many phone conversations with us about the status of the case. My wife had four surgeries to correct the femur breaks. Mr. Bailly made sure Sharon was doing OK at the hospital, in rehabilitation and at home.

Mr. Bailly is a man of high integrity and excellent communication as well as being very organized. His office staff also shows concern for his clients. If you need an attorney who will work with you and one you can TRUST, David Bailly is the one for you. My wife and I highly recommend him.”

— Mel and Sharon Bauck

“My workers’ compensation case had fallen through the cracks and to say that the process was frustrating is an understatement. The attorney I had hired had failed me miserably and I was beginning to feel hopeless. My case was legitimate and yet years had passed without any real hope of resolution.

I had to fire my first attorney and David Bailly was referred to me as a workers’ comp attorney. He had to dig through years of paperwork to find the truth and present my case. He’s now ready for a court date to present his findings and I now feel hope for the first time that the court will see that I was indeed hurt at work and that this is a legitimate claim and I will win my case. I highly recommend David Bailly for anyone who has a complex case and wants resolution.”

— Kathy Johnson-Sibell