Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

Understanding The Workers’ Compensation Process

In addition to figuring out whether you even have a workers’ compensation claim, you may have questions about how the claims process works. For many, navigating the workers’ compensation process quickly becomes overwhelming. With your treatment options and benefits needed to support yourself and your family on the line, do not leave the outcome of your claim to chance. Turn to a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer for guidance and confidence.

Attorney David H. Bailly provides knowledgeable guidance for clients filing workers’ compensation claims in Minnesota. Based in Eden Prairie, just outside of Minneapolis, he represents clients throughout the Twin Cities and the state, as well as those from western Wisconsin.

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Reporting The Injury Or Accident

If you were hurt on the job, you must report your injury to your employer within 30 days from the time you have reason to believe that you were injured at work. Failure to report the injury in a timely fashion could jeopardize your ability to recover workers’ compensation for your medical bills or time off. You must also make it clear that you were injured at work or as a result of performing your day-to-day work duties.

Once notified, your employer must send your claim to its insurance company to begin the claims process. The insurance company then has a few weeks to process the claim and notify you whether it has been accepted or denied.

While this process seems straightforward, having a lawyer on your side can be crucial to protecting your rights. David H. Bailly can review the forms you must fill out to ensure that you include all the necessary information. He can also follow up with the insurance company on your behalf so you can focus on recovery.

What If My Claim Is Denied?

If your claim was denied, Mr. Bailly can help you appeal the decision by filing a civil lawsuit. Typically, appealing a workers’ comp claim includes:

  • A deposition where lawyers from the insurance company will ask you questions
  • An independent medical exam, if appropriate, to verify the nature and extent of your injuries
  • Resolution through a settlement conference, mediation or a trial

As your advocate, David H. Bailly will be at your side throughout this process. While many claims can be settled, his thorough preparation means you will be in the best position to protect your rights should matters proceed to court. He can also help you identify any other claims you might be entitled to, such as short- or long-term disability, unemployment or independent claims.

He will help you find the medical documentation and evidence needed to substantiate your claim, preventing workers’ compensation from paying too little on it. There is so much on the line: your treatment and supporting yourself and your family while you are out of work. Do not leave that to chance. Trust the skill and legal understanding of attorney David H. Bailly to guide you through the workers’ compensation claims process.

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