Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

How Can A Workers’ Comp Attorney Help You?

Workers’ compensation lawyers help individuals recover losses after suffering workplace injuries or illnesses. We are important allies for injured workers because we can assist you in achieving the maximum amount of compensation allowed by state workers’ compensation laws.

With more than 30 years of experience as a workers’ compensation attorney, David H. Bailly built his career on helping injured workers in Minnesota and western Wisconsin attain necessary benefits and protect their rights to fair compensation.

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Do I Need A Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

Navigating through the worker’s comp claim process can present many difficult challenges, especially for individuals representing their own interests. If issues arise during the process, it is critical to obtain the support of a skilled workers’ comp attorney. Examples of these issues may include:

Your claim was denied — It is not uncommon for employers or workers’ comp insurers to deny claims. Often, these claims are denied to deter employees from going through the hassle of an appeal. If your claim was denied, it does not mean you are ineligible for coverage.

The settlement offer does not cover enough expenses — If the settlement offer you received does not fully cover your medical expenses or lost wages, you do not have to accept it. An experienced work comp attorney can help you identify your needs for compensation and whether there is potential for any other types of claims.

You are unable to return to work — If your work-related injury or illness is permanently preventing you from returning to your prior job, you may be entitled to receive long-term benefits for your lost wages. The process for obtaining these benefits can be arduous and complicated and will require the support of a knowledgeable work comp attorney.

You need Social Security Disability — The amount of Social Security Disability benefits you receive can be seriously compromised depending on how your settlement is structured. A skilled work comp attorney knows how to draft a settlement agreement to eliminate or minimize this offset.

Your employer retaliated against you — If you filed a work comp claim and your employer has retaliated by firing you, demoting you, cutting your hours, decreasing your pay or engaging in any type of discriminatory behavior against you, consult with a work comp lawyer immediately to discuss your options and protect your legal rights.

Third-party claims — While work comp insurance was enacted to prevent civil lawsuits, there are certain circumstances where you may be able to pursue legal action against an individual or business. You are legally permitted to sue if your work injury is the result of a third-party’s actions or negligence.

Get Your Case Evaluated For Free

If you have suffered a work injury or illness, it is imperative to get the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who understands the process and how to confidentially guide you through it.

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